2013 Fall Issue

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Triple Threat
You never know who you might run into while Chinook fishing at an Alaskan lodge.
By Scott Sadil

The Homestead
Who says building your own fishing cabin has to be difficult or expensive? As the old saying goes, it's not what you know, it's who you can subcontract.
By Rob Conery

(Still) Steelhead Paradise
Fifty years ago, a B.C. steelheading book was written that "redirected a lot of lives."
By Tom Bie

Page Six Chix
Thank God for steelhead season.

Enjoying The Now.

We ruin some lives; we save some lives.

Saving the Skykomish, guide Mark Engler, Joe Welbourne's Carbon Marine, the sad story of Idylwilde Flies, Columbia River fish counters, and East Coast fish comps Tailwater Weekend Some days you gotta go above the dam.

Carping Montana's Holter Reservoir.
By Jessica McGlothlin

Chasing love in Eleuthera, chasing trout in the U.P., chasing stripers in NYC, and chasing bass in Florida. Also: loving jetties and sandwiches, but hating muskies (sorta).

Alabama bulls
By Tom Bie

Icelandic salmon
By S.R. Ferguson

Henry's Fork Honey Ants
By Sid Williamson

City Limits
Nightime is the right time in Atlantic City.
By Steve Spahn

Rod Holders
The Making of Mark Engler.
By Jesse Robbins

Floating Idaho's Middle Fork.
By Chris Solomon

Permit Page
A great Belizean fishing lodge returns.

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