2015 Winter Issue

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On the Mend
The Kootenai River is hidden away in the boondocks of northwest Montana. But look closer at the trout and the scenery and Dave Blackburn's lodge, and it doesn't seem so far.
By Myers Reece

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau banned oil-tanker traffic on B.C.'s north coast, lessening the threat of oil pipelines running along steelhead rivers. But plenty of other threats remain.
By Leslie Anthony, Steven Hawley, and Tom Bie

Minnesota Musky
There's no toothy critters like 'Sota toothy critters. Our photographers in the field bring back a report to help you survive the winter.
By Lee Church and Corey Kruitbosch

Pancora Holiday
Catching a Patagonian brown or rainbow is like catching one in Montana or Colorado. Only it's those two states circa 1915, not 2015. You'll also lose a week of January or February, while gaining a week of Southern Hemisphere sunshine—a trade we'll take.
By Tom Bie

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