2016 Spring Issue

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Flowing Ambition

Jason Atkinson has always had a special connection to the Klamath River. But in the fight to restore it, will his connection be enough to bring down the dams?
By Steven Hawley

BayWatch II

Magdalena (Baja), Jamaica (NYC), Biscayne (Florida), Grand Traverse (Michigan), Thorne (Alaska).
By Scott Sadil, Monte Burke, Pete McDonald, Matt Dunn, and E. Donnell Thomas

Dog Days of Spring

There’s no flyfishing face like a dog’s flyfishing face.
By Tosh Brown, Camrin Dengel, Russ Schnitzer, Lee Church, Jess McGlothin, Tim romano, Jim Klug, Austin Trayser, and Earl Harper

Return to Providence

Six years after a horrendous piracy epidemic closed the Outer Islands of the Seychelles, liveaboard boats bring flyfishing back to Providence Atoll.
By Tom Bie Photos by Jim Klug

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