2016 Summer Issue

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Shadow Grab
Summer steelhead have developed one of the most complex and varied life histories of all Pacific fish. We have learned so much, yet the most basic question remains: Why do they—or don’t they—eat a fly?
By John Larison

I’ll Take a Half-Dozen Malpeques and a Cocktail. A Tribute to Jim Harrison
You may have read some other Jim Harrison tributes since the end of March. But not like this one.
By Miles Nolte

National Park of Flyfishing
Four million acres of brown bears, big lakes, volcanos, rivers, rainbows, salmon, and most of all, wilderness.
By Ryan Peterson

Of Mice and Brown Trout
The summer of 2015 was a mousy time to be fishing central Idaho. If you happened to miss it, never fear: photographer Nick Price had your back.
Story and photos by Nick Price

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