2017 Fall Issue

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Uncertain Waters
A 64-year-old pipeline carries nearly 23 million gallons of crude oil and natural gas across or along three Great Lakes every single day. How long can Line 5 survive?
Words and photos by Tom Hazelton

Too Many Fish, Too Little Water
Could there be such a thing as too many brown trout? On Montana’s Beaverhead River, that question is being asked. And one biologist believes he has the answer.
By Miles Nolte

Steve Huff’s Retirement Party
Fifty years ago this fall, legendary captain Steve Huff guided his first client. How best to celebrate such a distinguished career? By chasing snook, of course.
Images and words by Oliver Rogers

Pike Language
Northern Saskatchewan has more water than land. Lucky for guests at Arctic Lodges, pike prefer water.
By Steven Zakur. Photos by Mike Sepelak

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