2018 Fall Issue

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Wade Rivers
On the famed steelhead rivers of British Columbia, it’s important to take a confident approach—with the guides, the fish, and most importantly, the dinner table.
Fiction by Lani Waller and photos by Adam Tavender

Fixing the Island
A flyfishing trip to the Bahamas can mean different things to different people. It’s about chasing bones, sure, but what are you willing to sacrifice for good fishing?
Story by Darcy Lohmiller and photos by Tosh Brown and Jim Klug

Not all muskies are found in the lakes of Minnesota or Wisconsin. Sometimes, you drive north from Portland. Backcountry musky-hunting on the crown of Maine.
Story by Ryan Brod and photos by Ryan Brod and Lee Church

Mayhem on the Miramichi
Striped bass numbers on New Brunswick’s Miramichi River have topped a million, dwarfing the number of Atlantic salmon. And the salmon anglers aren’t happy.
Story and photos by Ben Carmichael

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