2018 Spring Issue

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Transitions, with Darcy Bacha
How a photographer turned his camera into a fishing vehicle and pointed it toward a seasonal home on Northern British Columbia’s hallowed steelhead rivers.
Story by Geoff Mueller

Bolivia Lessons
The Amazon jungle is home to many intriguing animals, none more so to flyfishers than the hard-fighting dorado. But be careful what else you learn about along the way.
Story by Tom Bie Photos by John Sherman

Smallmouth in Mexico
Somewhere at the murky confluence of wilderness and industry, Maine’s Androscoggin River reveals itself in a resilient, brilliant bronzeback fishery.
Story by Ryan Brod Photos by Molly


The Woods are Lovely
Exploring the world’s largest temperate rainforest, Alaska’s Tongass, for springtime steelies.
Story by Don Thomas Photos by Don and Lori Thomas

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