2019 Fall Issue

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Smallie Savage
Mike Schultz has used energy, innovation, and plain hard work to create success for his Southeast Michigan fly shop and guide service.
Story by Preston Marson Photos by Bryan Gregson

Smoke on the Water
Plenty of flyfishers love weed. And plenty of those same people love steelhead. What happens when cultivating one threatens the other?
Story by Patrick Burke

La Vita Largemouth
For fifty years, stories of monster largemouth have been drifting up from Mexico. Time to check in.
Story by Tom Bie Photos by John Sherman

Two-Track Attack
The correlation between shitty road and good fishing is well-established. Let’s do some fall ’splorin.
Words and photos by Mark Lewis, Jono Winnell, Sean Kerrick, Paolo Marchesi, Hansi Johnson, Nick Price, Bryan Gregson, Drew Stoeklein, and Arian Stevens

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